The Zealers Story

The Zealers Dance Studio located at Forum Value Mall (which is now Forum Neighbourhood Mall), Whitefield, is a favorite amongst those who love dancing. Zealers specializes in Bollywood, Hip Hop, and Zumba.

This well-loved and famous dance studio is the brainchild of Arun Kumar, who founded the Zealers brand in 2005. In his own words: “I see people going for the alphabet A all the time. There are a zillion companies that begin with the letter A. I wanted mine to start with Z. And when I was leafing through a dictionary one day, looking for the word that would describe my passion, I saw the word Zeal… I loved that word. That’s how Zealers was born!”

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What Clients Say About Us

”In the world of dance, it is a rare individual who is a talented performer and can also teach others how to bring out the dancer in them. Arun Kumar is this rare individual who has made the art of Bollywood dancing his life's work”
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Mona Donahoe

Mona Donahoe

“Awesome environment to learn and practice dance. Instructors pay lot of attention to minutest details, tp ensure dance is graceful and elegant. Truly satisfying, keep up the great work”

Manini Ramchandani

”I was a student at zealers for one year. To me everything about Zealers deserves a round of applause. We have amazing instructors who are patient with us yet encouraging us to beyond our limits.”
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Sudhir Jain

“Such a great studio and instructors! I enjoy each and every class! Keep up the good work Zealers!”

Zineb El Kabiri